It was a grand structure molded to the center left of the stage; all shiny, pitch black until the pianist lifts the fall. And then the row of pure ivory keys march into view. They shimmer in the sparkling stage light as if they are the moon on a starry night; bright, beautiful, and breath-taking. And the sound they create--oh the music they sing, stirs wonders in my soul. It is a beautiful structure that stands center left stage, in physic and in purpose.

Along the wood that lines the top of each key, curling golden letters spell "Steinway & Sons", such a beautiful name and so elegant and expensive. Perfect, and graceful.

One of a kind.

The grand piano, that sits center left stage.

By swampygreenie, February 5, 2015.



You are like a child at practice on a piano. You balance a stick on the backs of your hands just along the knuckles while you play, ensuring proper posture. Then you play something bland and unimaginative; however, the stick will never fall to the floor, bravo! When I perform, the stick falls, then a symphony flows from me.

By kikkopirate, August 7, 2014.

Found in The Resurrectionist, authored by E. B. Hudspeth.