The amygdala is a button they push, an ancient part of the brain triggered by fear. They scare us with so many things to make us easy to control - yet that also brings aggression, societal problems and reduced creative intelligence. So, if you truly want to drive your own brain, to feel its true power and potential - cut out the media, cut out stuff that scares you and replace it with sport, meditation, serenity. It'll feel odd at first and you might even feel an urge to watch a scary movie to bring the familiar feelings of fear back, but you'll be okay. So, come join the living... have the courage to leave the zombie state...


Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy supply can control whole continents; who controls the money can control the world.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 16, 2015.

Henry Kissinger (1973).

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ADVISOR #1 - Looking at the long term cycles the next generation is due to be like the 1960's hippies, born rebels, world changers. That's going to start happening inside ten years.
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON - that's going to be problem for industry. We need them to be as compliant as their parents. Typically war threats do the job, ramped up threat of global instability.
ADVISOR #2 - Yes Sir, true. But we think we can keep things under wraps without full scale war, maybe just what we have in mind combined with some low level terrorism.
ECC - Go on.
ADVISOR #2 - Young people are naturally insecure about their place in the world, with the help of the advertisers we can push them into a state of vanity that is close to mental paralysis. All we have to do is prompt some ambitious software developer to make the "right" kind of programme, one where they will give out freely all the "dirt" on themselves and their friends. We can profile everyone with little effort and they'll be too distracted to be a generation of "game changers." Should they "wake up" we'll know enough about them to mess their lives up remotely, by about 2018 we should have full control.
ECC - Alright, this is black box stuff, no minutes. I want full specs on the programs, liaise with homeland security. If you can stop the college students thinking about global issues we can just tell them what to think, far simpler.
ADVISOR #1 - Yes Sir, right on it.