Could it be that "domination" = dominion (kingdom) plus nation (the people subjugated by fear)? Is that the real definition? So how come we all "love" our national identity? It is anymore than the branding of our "owners?" Do I love members of my own nation more than members of other nations? I love everyone with a fiery power that burns with each injustice, so how can I? It isn't possible. Though I love Canada with all my heart, I owe my allegiance to the entire human race and to the earth. Love does not stop at artificial boundaries drawn on a map. Be you king, queen or citizen, Love does not distinguish. But for Love to find an "ordinary" citizen is simpler, they have nothing to loose, everything to gain, and for the powerful? Are they smart enough to see that gaining the world and yet destroying it and their own humanity in the process is a fools game? That world economics is no more real than a game of monopoly - the rules just as artificial and without any morality.


One day I realise that my personal riches depend on dominating you. I don’t like the idea of you having free will because I want you to clean my house and make my dinner. Also, you’re very attractive. So I take you by force and say we are married. You of course hate me and plot escape. Now I need someone to police you, you aren’t happy. Being smart I realise that policing you will only take me so far, you’ll have to love me or at least think you need me for protection.

Now, to keep us bonded together I’ll need a common enemy. Perhaps my neighbour will fit the bill, he’s a different colour from us and eats funny food, he’s perfect! Problem is, he isn’t very scary and he doesn’t seem to be bothered that I’m here. So, I arrange to have him upset on my behalf, demand some taxes, take one of his goats. Now he’s mad alright! Perfect. You're in the middle of plotting bloody revenge on me until I show you the now violent neighbour through the glass. You cling to me and say, “Save me!” Pretty soon you’ll be convinced you love me and I’m quite heroic. Great! Cue patriotic music!

So long as the neighbour stays good and pissed off you'll suppress the memory that you were subjugated by force. Soon you come to think that you love me (and are quite vocal about it too), especially if I put some fancy clothes on and speak in long complex words to show my intelligence and superiority, hehe. It isn’t true love though, because it was born of fear. It is the same love a kidnap victim has for their abuser. They have been fooled by the mimic, embraced it because it is less painful than the truth. Neither abuser or victim find fulfillment, and over time both “learn” that love hurts and betrays, because they never found Love at all. The abuser supplicates the emptiness with love of power and the victim clings to the mimic of love. How do we fix the mess? Grace knows the way...

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, April 5, 2015.

Authored by Daisy, here.