When we learn how to answer the prayers of others with a deep and soulful love, our own prayers and dreams start to come true.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 18, 2021.

If you have not love for all creation,
Don't speak His name.
If you have not love for all children of Earth,
Don't speak His name,
If you have not the will to do right at a cost to yourself,
Don't speak His name,
Yet if you will hold sacred all creation,
Sing His name in your heart,
If you will fight for a joyful life for all,
Sing His name in your eyes,
If you will comfort the broken,
You are singing His name in all that you do.
And His name will be beautiful in any language,
With whatever sound you make,
Because His name is Love.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 4, 2019.

This Sunday I want to send out a prayer for all the children in war zones. That they and their loved ones be safe from harm. I pray that we come to know that we already love every child in the world as much as we love our own, that the part of our nature that seeks to protect and nurture every child wakes up. Indeed, just one picture of one hurt child is enough to put the world into a profound sense of mourning, waking up our innate moral compass and sense of love. The proof of this is in our spontaneous tears, our grief. The loss of a baby we never knew is enough to ignite the power of love within us. We feel a divine impulse to take action, to show that we love. These terrible images, ones that should never exist, are the electric paddles on our hearts and souls; they are a shock to bring back a steady beat, to bring us back to life.

More than that I want to make a wish, that our societies dine less on Hollywood representations of bloodshed and terror that make money, and more on the reality of children, mothers, fathers dying, starving, living everyday in terror. War is not glamour, it is what our creator forbade us to do. We were born to love.



God teach me,
Teach me with kindness,
Teach me with pain,
Teach me with love,
Teach me with a hurricane,
Let me learn your ways,
Let me know myself,
So that I may better serve you all of my days,
For I am your daughter,
A child of Mother Earth.



Natalia turned her head skyward, whispering to the wind:

"Lord, help us to learn your ways,
Your ways that are only love,
We are grateful for our mother earth,
We are humbled by your gift of life,
We will only move our lips to say good words,
We will open our minds to friendship and love,
We understand that your creation is divine and to be cherished,
We will only serve the Power of Love,
Working every day to bring your Heaven on Earth,
Healing your children,
Protecting our natural world,
Our God that is Love is the keeper of our souls,
The One we Trust.


With that she pulled her cloak around her tighter to stave of the keen wind, though spring was coming the bitter wind still blew. It was times like this she wished for thicker skin, but the Lord had blessed her with skin of paper.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 7, 2015.