In moments the crowd that had been cheering for a win stood silent, bereft. The screen in the city square showed the elation of their opponents, the joy of their fans at the snatched victory in overtime. Then came flashes of anger, jeers, shouting. A window was smashed. Some of the fans panicked and dissipated as fast as they could, fleeing to the buses and trains, or else just down side streets. But a core of them stayed, burning cars, looting, smashing, destroying property with no thought to whom it belonged to. They had become a mob, mindless and dangerous. Anyone who tried to stop them was beaten severely. They had lost all self control. It was a riot. Police in black uniform with their transparent shields and full face visors marched towards them in rigid formation. Instructions were given through loud speakers and then the tear gas was unleashed.

By lisarachel, October 30, 2014.

And the next thing Aaron was conscious of was the sound of trumpets. A sudden startling challenge of trumpets, and out of nowhere a sudden rush of grey-green carabinieri battering the crowd wildly with truncheons. It was so sudden that Aaron heard nothing any more. He only saw.

By descriptionari, June 30, 2012.

Found in Aaron's Rod, authored by D. H. Lawrence.