The scariest haunted house you see, isn't some mansion on a hill, it's an empty bungalow in suburbia with 1970s design. It has an old telephone with a curly dirty-cream wire, and each door lock is way too high for its captives hands. It has a normal front door. It has a latch and chain. It has a house number and a mowed front lawn. It is somewhat "Stepford Wives." It is a place where one day moves seamlessly to the next, never day nor night but a sort of nightmare-fogged twilight with the threat of torture all too real. Will the monster come tonight, or stay in the closet hidden? Will sharp fangs sink deeply yet leave no trace upon the skin? It is all so random, the pain and the spite, the cold servings day after wretched day. So, be warned, this is the scariest of all haunted homes, because it sets up camp within your soul and maintains itself from there. And so if you ever wish to leave the route will never be fair, for it will push you to "check out" and fool you to think you've left its grasp. To leave you must regain your soul and destroy the haunted house, even as the rain comes in and snow falls all about. You destroy the monster even as you see your reflection too, that in your stay in this haunted house, you became part-monster too. And as you wage this war, to leave the scary haunted house, over time you grow new body parts - angel wings and angel hands. Then one day you simply fly free through the rotten roof, not to take nor carry others, yet to show that it can be done, that it is possible to win. But perhaps for you the haunted house looks different? Perhaps it is the home in which you now dwell? In that case good luck but get out, pay the price, or go to hell.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 13, 2020.