Silence settled around me like a blanket, as I made my way through the jungle. I stood stock still and listened. The leaves above me began to rustle and the branches began to sway.
Errrregch - Errrregch - Errrregch
My heart stopped in mid-beat and then pounded. I peered tentatively around the tree and there it clung, within arms reach, the weirdest of creatures I’d ever seen.
Honey-brown, rough, long lanky limbs and short shaggy legs. Three curved gaff-like golden claws on each limb. It turned its wiry head to look at me. Small, round beady-like eyes, as inquisitive about me as I was about it.
Errrregch - Errrregch - Errrregch
Turning its head as slowly as a tortoise, and hand over hand, foot over foot, it climbed laboriously, up and up, disappearing into the canopy above, as the silence settled around me like a blanket.

By andygirl32, October 31, 2016.