A spell made of dead language is dead, only that woven in real spacetime can bridge the fabric of reality and bring divine magic.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 2, 2020.

Is it the spell you seek? Perhaps the clue is in my spelling, in the sounds you let slide by because you think they are a different thing. Are you a good witch? One who has broken the auditory codes of the universe? You should know that the rest of all this is simply a circus for the brain, a distraction while we reprogram the ordinary ones. You can choose to ignore it if the ability scares you, or come closer if you are curious, for here is your first lesson, little dove. Carry your sweet wand well, for anything can be used for good or ill, to help or harm, to nurture or destroy... and our craft is the same.

1. (E)den - That our world is created as an electronic one might be, this is our "den" and home.

2. Paradise is not a thing to gamble with, para.dice, or para.dies, and, love, it will take two straight roads to bring the good world from the bad, two warriors of the light, "para" for the good to win.

To receive the angel messages, the ones from the holy force, the great spirit, you will need your childhood innocence in tact, otherwise stay away from our craft, for it will lead the unworthy into madness - a journey that may only end if innocence is restored.

Ask the great spirit for help and be open to the ways the universe will reply and probe your true nature, give opportunities and observe how you respond. A warrior must be trained, and the training will break you to make you, break you until you reform into innocence combined with the wisdom of suffering.

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do.
Day-see day-see, give me your answer do.
See day? See Day?
For I love you too.

Feel the madness, find the wisdom, find your God given path into the light, and find your strength in the brokenness, the ability to self-heal, for then you are healer, doctor.

So, first physician, heal thy self, then your spell will be the one to bring peace, heaven, eden, paradise... but where oh where is your partner? Perhaps it's time to ask the universe to open the flood gates.


They say that any technology sufficiently advanced looks like magic, and you see, there is the clue to the art of magic... it's also a science, a technology. It can be used for the betterment of mankind, to promote our evolution, or to bring devastation upon us all. Those who practice the dark arts use it for power and control, for abuse and for the pleasure they feel in causing pain and death. It is for the most parts a linguistical method, hence the "spells" in literature, the sense that it is done with words... because for the most part, it is. It is often combined with fear and sometimes drugs. It works because of the way the brain is wired with words and images.

Magic can be used to make a person forget experiences, to not see what is right in front of them and to control behaviour. With words you can be paralysed or have your body controlled... yet it is possible to fight your way out of it, to resist the "spell" and I'm living proof of that. I'm the one who was never supposed to survive. For the ones that fight the spells, who emerge with memories that were supposed to be erased, there will be the drugs to induce insanity and the watchers to ensure you are living as you ought to, that even if you have memories you are too intimidated to tell them. Magic is a science and an art, it uses the entire brain... so be both too, be a scientist and an artist, use positive phrasing, be kind with your words... then the ones who aren't will stand out, or else they'll have to hide and be reduced in the ways they harm our world. And please remember, there are the good magicians too, the ones who will share their abilities and teach you how it works. So please, dear muggles, wake up, because we're trying with every ounce of strength we have to save you.

We good magicians work with and for the positive universal force, we are helped by love and made well by love. The dark arts magicians are helped by the negative force and they are poisoned by love, feeding off pain.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 23, 2018.