Those were the dark times, when the men could be miracle workers or respected wizards, such as Gandalf; us women were witches to be burned or drown. There was something in the evil ones that feared the goodness of women when not under their control, or the control of their likeminded brethren. We were the same as the men, and if we were lucky they called us 'angels.' Even then though that was tough, it only took one to shout 'witch' and the crowd would become fearful enough to attack. These days you call them 'zombies,' but a shout of 'witch' would turn anyone into a zombie back then. Now that's what I call a 'spell,' one word that'll turn a crowd of thinking soulful people into a sea of the undead, baying for blood and murder most foul for just a short time... then the spell breaks and they return to being loving. We only ever made things better, living as healers and counsellors. Our 'magic' was from God every bit as much as the men's was, only more powerful at times. I hear the 'muggles' are better educated now, we pray that they are.