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This routine mission is feeling less “routine” all the time. The complex that was so archaic above ground has given way to state of the art equipment below and the insistence for someone of my expertise is becoming more apparent. If I wasn't such an idealist I'd turn around right now; I can't think of a pay-check high enough to make me want to find out what's behind the metallic doors. For something subterranean the proportions just aren't right. The headroom is pushing twenty feet and the width would take the interstate no problem. The cost of this extra space makes no sense, not when you're this deep in rock. You'd never know it though, if you woke up here this could be some windowless penthouse maze, but it isn't. Whatever diversion Kiki cooked up has worked, there hasn't been any resistance at all. The silence is so absolute that my breathing is loud to my ears and I notice every step onto the highly polished walkway. There is a retina scan of course, but Kiki takes care of these things. One pickled eyeball and I get the gentle hiss of pneumatic doors.