"I have to warn you," said Earnest, "Asking them to change is akin to that Matrix movie, red pill or blue. The money system is their matrix. In truth, with the right new system they could have heaven on Earth, yet they fear it would be worse. They are careful to keep conditions right in the developed nations and let true hell emerge in elsewhere... the horror of which was once seen in their own lands until it was put overseas. In this empire of money that is clearly ruled by the wrong God, the one of power, greed and fear, the waged slave works for the rich, rents their home from the rich and buys their food from the rich. It is but the "cottage system" and "Truck shop" system of Victorian times on a larger scale. Sure, some wage-slaves are "comfort-plus," but if you aren't an aristocrat, free of earning money as a means to keep on eating and having a home, that's what you are. So, if you can find a way to give them the right pill, to return them to the God of Love, to set the captives free, that is everything I've been trying to do for so long. Yet, I need to tell you that you are in danger. Many have given their mortal lives to this cause, to help me. Those you try to help may harm you and worse. So, be careful, be creative, be brave and be as safe as you can be in this mission you have chosen. You're my Neo."