I don't know what I was expecting, but I found myself quite disappointing to be standing on the pavement looking at a short, squat van with scratches and dents all over the grubby white metal.
"Oh." I say quietly as they all pile inside.
"Well what where you expecting?" Liz asks, flexing her fingers and creating small, red flames that danced around her palm.
"Careful no one sees that." I warn, pointing to her hands as she ignores my caution "And, I don't actually know, like, I thought you flew everywhere or something."
Liz rolls her eyes and shakes her head at the same time, an action that makes me feel kind of dizzy.
"What? It's not that I don't like the van, but you're supernaturals, what was I supposed to expect?" I exclaim, somewhat defensively. "I mean, you're not exactly normal. I thought maybe surfing through the city on waves you control with your own hands or floating on the breeze or some crap like that was your preference."
Those gold irises go round again.
"Oh, yeah, because unnecessary over-the-top transportation options is really what has kept us hidden from the public eye since humans have been on Earth."
I shrug weakly and she sighs, irritated.
"Get in." She snaps as she climbs inside the driver's seat, inserts and twists the key and revs the engine.

By happyshipper, November 8, 2016.