Commander Angel Star, in her 1970s reincarnation to human form in the Earth Matrix, was born with two superpowers. The first is that she is slightly deaf. The second is that she is mildly dyslexic. And while those appear as disadvantages to others, they combine to create the ability to see in lore and language what others do not. Because her brain struggles over sounds and their connections to arrangements of letters, she sees and hears hidden messages. She is then able to begin to change language so that the hidden messages say positive things instead of negative things. She is able to start evolving lore and language in a way others cannot. Thus, when in creative flow, this ability becomes an art she masters and combines with the science of the brain (Angel Star is a biologist in this lifetime). She begins to feel the true power of lore and its ability to transform the world. It is only then she begins to see who she is, who Commander Knight Angel is, and the future they need to build.