Teddy Bear Politics is back again, just the same as governmental advice to hide under a kitchen table in the case of nuclear attack (as in publications such as"Civil Defence and the Atom Bomb," published in 1952). It is a type of politics that arises when danger faces a nation and they demand protections from political leaders that are impossible to deliver. Unless a nation can be reasoned with rationally and the adult population take on an element of danger with psychological maturity, the government is forced to create teddy bear policies that it may later be accused of inventing as a deception with malice when the opposite is true. The price of not conducting teddy bear politics can be riots and social unrest. The alternative is to help the adults of society psychologically mature to the point where they can cope with the truth and see that what is being done is the best that can be done in the current situation. The public needs that kind of talented and honest communicator schooled in science, philosophy and human biology to teach them how to accept ideas that are for "grown-ups only."