The age of the machine could have had many other names. It was as much a resurgence in the humanity of our kind. We had all the tools we needed, all the tech to root out evil and put an end to it, the machines helped with that. We traced the human traffickers through what they purchased, we sent drones to check them out, and we got them root and branch.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 18, 2019.

When the age of the machine began, it was also the age of the restoration of humanity. With the universal income scheme came national and international volunteering schemes. Finally, we could do the work we loved, get the training we needed, follow our hearts. It was true freedom. We took care of nature and each other using old school and high tech; we had real communities and festivals and dance.

Our science found cost-free and easy ways to prevent problems rather than the most profitable ways to manage yet never solve them. With less stress we became healthier, we learned more easily, studied because it was the most interesting thing to do. We played sports again, played and laughed so much more.

I think, back in your time you never realised what the media had become. Perhaps once it was innocent, encouraging what folks felt was already there, but by 2018 it was a huge part of leading humanity to be indifferent to the needs of others, the self above all.

It is a fact that testosterone does not make people more violent, but acts to boost actions that improve social status. Thus, in a world where the "best a man can be" is kind, warm, nurturing, protective, loving, the master of a craft, a philosopher, athletic... that's what boys will be. Your media made the boys and girls sick, then there was the social media, the cruel education system, the financial system... Here, in the future, we are amazed your kids did as well as they did under all that pressure, that they fought their way out of so many layers of cleverly designed psychological warfare built because of greed... well that and envy, sloth, pride, gluttony...

We learned our brain science; we learned how to love properly; we learned how to take care of the environment; we use our brains to heal instead of harm; we learned how to value all kinds of work. How did you ever think that someone chopping down a forest for international trade was more important than the mother who stays home to raise her kids?