Intelligence requires a high degree of both logical thought and empathy, the direct opposite of what the establishment of the early Christian church required. And so your "education" was nothing more than a dumbing down, an indoctrination (literally) into a "correct version" of "truth" that suppressed both. Free thought was the enemy, creativity was the enemy, anyone outside their version of "truth" and way of loving The Ancient of Days, the loving creator, was hunted to near extinction. Creativity was always going to wake up the population, to reignite latent magic in our DNA, to start teaching our artists what they really are - that they can heal the world through their God-given talents. Hunting good witches is akin to destroying your doctors. We are God's healers, here to work alongside science, to encourage the healing of creation. Did you ever wonder why your religion encouraged the destruction of what God built? Maybe, it is time you did. Maybe it's time to call off the witch hunters until they've had a real education.