Humanity, you are at the crossroads. Behind the reality curtain there is, for the purposes of your intellectual capacities, a thing we will call "magic." The magic enters your realm and interacts with those inclined to artistry most of all. The game, if we can call it such, for it is truly a war between those indifferent to suffering and those who chose to love and nurture other realms, comes down to a single player. If this were chess, we would call her the "king" - for it is game over if she is captured. Why? Because of who her identity is in our reality and what she was designed to do. She is the angel of peace and the angel of war, depending on who is in command of her. On our side, by our logic, she should have been in war mode for a while, but she has been making her own choices, she has held out against the darkness. For her "disobedience" to her current "master" she will be expected to pay the ultimate price when they take possession of her entity in our realm. Our legal means of protecting her are all but at an end. She is only answering to the side that is love and protection. All this becomes legal if Earth follows suit and takes on the side of love, not in words but in words and deeds that translate into real actions. She has created what we call a paradigm plug. Think of it as similar to a bath plug, but in terms of ideology. In a chaotic world of fear, she makes a perfect ideology of love. As it expands, the pressure of the fear ideology pushes inward and falls down the plug hole and into a lower energy field where the new paradigm will flourish. She has done her job right. It will work. All you guys need to do, from every ideological foot-holding, is to support her. She has chosen her king, which in terms of chess is a "queen" - a powerful piece that can move anywhere and do anything. So please get over any gender or other semantic issues you may have here. In terms of chess, she is the king, he is the queen. She is protected. He can make any move.