It wasn't long before cis-women were on the receiving end of more transphobia than trans-women. Those looking for a cheap brain-chemical boost through bullying some stranger found cis-women easier to find than trans-women. So their brains, desperate for another fix of hate, began to interpret any human from in tall boots or bright lipstick as a target for their verbal-bile. I guess we should have predicted it, as with all brain-chemical induced behaviours (the good and the bad) they are addictive, and addictions tend to escalate seeking higher doses and increased frequency of dose. This is why hate cannot be contained and is always dangerous. Once a person's desire to feel good from hating cannot be satisfied with their target group they must expand their hate or feel the sting of going "cold turkey." So, if there is any safe place for hate, there will be no safe place from hate.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, October 25, 2020.