"Tell me, if you awoke in a skin of different hue, to walk as a human from another culture, or gender, or sexual orientation, would you hold the same opinions, my love? Or would they shift to your new perspective? And if that's the case, if they would morph into something more loving toward yourself, what does that say about those opinions, are they yours? Or based in a "them" and "us" brain pattern? In some primitive impulse? Because you are capable of so much more. So perhaps take a moment to dream of walking in the shoes of others, to imagine you were born other than how you are, and let that marvellous brain of yours see from their perspectives and open up your vision to vistas new."

By Angela Abraham (daisy), July 12, 2018.

They say the future is female; I say it's united and flexible. We are human before we are anything else - a gender, race or sexual orientation. All personality traits are found in all genders; men are fully capable of being empathic. Personally, I find emotionally open men to be fully manly and indeed, the most attractive. What we need to avoid is cold or indifferent leaders, those seeking power and craving personal status instead of seeking to serve with love. We need those who desire to stop the pendulum of discrimination rather than letting it swing to the other side, making new victims and villains. Our sons are as important as our daughters and we need to raise all of our children to be fluent in compassion, empathy and kindness.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), June 24, 2018.

In the precinct my colleagues fall into one of only two categories. For the most part they simply resent a woman in the office and every mistake I make is used as a stick to beat me with. But there are those, who I should be thankful for but aren't, that gush praise over every little thing I do. The first lot make me look like a troll and the second like a princess. I don't make any more mistakes than anyone else, but I'm not a saint. Why should I be? No-one else is. They tell bad jokes, fart and loose paperwork. You know what? I'd like to go into work looking like a man, not to be one, I'm very happy being female. But I want to show them I'm every bit their equal and I'm not afraid to be judged on my own merits. But since I can't, I'll put up my armour and work twice as hard to be better, while dodging unwanted romantic entanglements and accepting unearned compliments with good grace.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), January 29, 2015.

"...because when nobody is special, everyone is."
"...because when nobody is 'special,' everyone is."
'... because when everyone is special, everyone is."

But if you're 'special' it doesn't mean the rest of us are, most of us prefer equality, fraternity and liberty.

(Note: when the British put "special" in quotes they mean either a person of lower mental capacity or someone who acts as if they are entitled to better treatment than others).

By Angela Abraham (daisy), December 10, 2015.