Some things are only true if you believe they are. Take for example the trojan horse paradox. Those who believe that others of different ethnicities or faiths are as the Trojans in the wooden horse, waiting their time to take over society in a bloody massacre treat those others with suspicion, contempt and prejudice. As that group (or groups) increasingly have less to lose, they form groups for social protection and to challenge the order that suppresses and abuses them. Thus the fear and cold hearted emotional indifference causes the problem. After this point there is continuing consolidation of groups who arm themselves for conflict. This stage is the precursor to civil war. Thus their world is not a shared dream, but a shared nightmare. It was a world built from fear and not love. It is reversible once the system is rooted and grounded in love. Multiculturalism is still a good goal and destination that can be everyone's utopia. Often times romance blossoms between people of different ethnicity and faith backgrounds. Nature loves diversity. We often fall in love with those that are different. Love is the only way out of the trojan horse paradox and it takes an environment where all are both enabled to embrace it and encourage others to embrace it. Let's all be smarter than folks were thousands of years ago. Let's show our creator that we have evolved, that the sacrifices of the prophets did bring the changes needed for a world of peace.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, October 26, 2020.