"Love is the foundation of all humanity, and for a house to stand the foundation must be solid. Love is our rock, and this is where the wise man builds his home."


The power of love brings hope, yet at times the steps toward love cause pain and those towards a life of loneliness are comfortable in their familiarity. We are born to love and with all necessary courage to walk the path to it, no matter the roughness, no matter the hardship.


I will love you unconditionally; I will love you until you see your prison. Then I will simply open the door and let you fly, safe in the knowledge that our love is evergreen.


Babe, listen to my words. I promise you they are medicine. They come from my soul - a bridge to your own. They are something you can trust, my love; though I know it hasn't always appeared that way. I am so sorry for the pain I caused; I think part of me needed to test you, to see how you'd respond, to make sure you were a safe person. I know you are and I carry the shame for needing more than your word.

In this journey we call life I have tried every path, pushed on every door. Whomever I found I let them into my heart in full measure, let the love flow from me to them. Once you said love isn't finite, and you are right, of course you are. Yet the human heart and soul can wear thin. It was only when I broke that I ran to you, the only person my instinct could accept. You are the one I was born to love, to trust, to save, to nurture to full health. I see who you really are. I see right to your core and I still love you without reserve. What I see is beauty under damage, a spirit caged yet strong, life surging for liberty, boundless generosity at a cost to yourself. You look like me... stronger, masculine, yet the same.

So babe, I will be yours for eternity, softly waiting when you wander, always there on your return. I know other people have goodness within, I see it every day, I do. Yet you are my other half, my soul twin, my king... and so I hand you my heart, pray you keep it safe when the hurricanes come. And love, no matter what, I am here to keep your heart safe too, to be whatever you need me to be. So no matter where life takes me, with whom, near or far, you will be my rest.

I know there are other lives for you and me, filled with the love we share. Yet this one is precious too. I ask that you be my strength and let me be your comfort.


The power of love bestows responsibilities, but not rights. I have no right to your heart, but am blessed to love you with my own. I have no right to your time, but am honoured to share moments. It is for me to do what is best for you, and not seek fulfillment of my own desires at an expense to your wellbeing. It is for me to seek what would make you happy, what would be best for your soul. Just know that when you tell me of your hurt, I hurt too, how can I not? Anyone who abuses you is no friend of mine and I owe them nothing.


The power of love doesn't give me the right to meddle in your life, but should you ever need a "wonder woman" I'll be right there. Know that you are good, that you have everything you need to be the man you were born to be. You are more than you know, less than you will become, perfect in my eyes. To be in your company is a little slice of heaven, as if your aura were an elixir. Emotions swim in your eyes, in your body language, in the inflexions of your voice - and all of that is masculine to me, emotions aren't just for girls. You are a genuinely nice guy, and nice guys deserve to win. So my wish for you is that you win whatever it is you truly need to be happy in this life, reach for the stars and know that they shine for you as much as anyone else.


The power of love makes me both angel and warrior - but not a fighter, not one who looks for pointless battle for thrill of power. It gives me the strength to defend and a healthy distain for those who attack. Love bestows the urge to nurture; should a loved one be threatened in mind, body or soul, my defensive nature is activated. Love is free, never possessive or jealous, always kind, never seeking to wound or control.

Poetry / General

If equal love cannot be let the more loving one be me- W.H Auden

By ibasedsupreme, June 14, 2015.

W.H Auden.


I am bilingual only to the extent that I am fluent in Abrahamic type “religion” and secular science based thought, I can communicate in both ways. Mostly I talk in secular tones, mixing in Love or God, where possible. This approach is the most unifying currently possible - whereas religion alone and secular ideas alone are proven tools of “divide and conquer.” But speaking in the former (religion) is much faster, more direct. So for this final part I will speak in “religion” though I do not subscribe to any particular one.

God’s only method is the Power of Love.

Satan’s methods are divide and conquer, fear, greed, money, bribery, sloth, betrayal, revenge, murder, war, the abuse of Love, slavery, destruction of the planet, centralized power structures that corrupt the leaders to his ways, famine, control of populations using artificial scarcity of food, poverty, denying basic needs, preferring selfishness over generosity, the rationing of charity, enslavement of populations to an artificial system (the idea of economies), the twisting of the notion of real wealth, allowing children to die in agony while corporations rake in record profits, creating an elite to be the “rulers” of hell, telling us we can’t change things, making us complicit in his crimes so that guilt traps us and too many to list. In short, his methods are derived from fear and greed.

We aren’t trapped, we are forgiven and free. Lift your heads high and reignite your moral compass, your soul, the spark of God within you that He gave you to guide you back into His light. You have been ransomed, your prison is a fraud and God is calling you to serve Him. There is no greater joy than serving Love. We listen to Him and He says “do not kill,” “love thy neighbour," “chase out the darkness only using my way, the Power of Love, and you will be Home.”

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 31, 2015.

Found in Are you awake yet? - first draft, authored by Daisy.


Maybe you don’t understand the Power of Love yet? Father says you have been taught that it is weaker than fear and soppy. Can fear heal? Can fear rescue or save? Can fear bond two people for life so strongly that each would sacrifice for the other? That each would go to hell if it would keep the other safe? All fear can do is harm body mind and soul in an attempt to seize power over an individual or group. It can’t ever last, hence our history of domination and war. A victory won with fear has to be converted to an impostor love, a poor mimic… love your monarch, love your ruler… but always it has to be maintained with fear, law, heavy punishment for non-compliance. Imagine if we ran our personal lives that way. Let’s say I’m the one that wants power and you are the one I want power over. Let’s start...

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, April 5, 2015.

Authored by daisy, here.


To break me, you must show empathy. Yelling and shouting your frustrations about my lack of work, or need to shape up, won't help your cause. I'll only stand firm in my resolution to not give in to your tempestuous voice. To break me, you must show kindness. If I have a low performance on tests, "Are you okay?" instead of, "STUDY HARDER, YOU IDIOT!" will make me try harder. I want to please those who care. I want those who love me to see me do well. If you love me, and outwardly show it, you will break me.

By megs, November 14, 2016*.

Love Thy Neighbour

Your neighbour is the poor child in a war torn land.
Your neighbour is of another religion.
Your neighbour has no home.
Your neighbour is an immigrant.
Your neighbour has poor nutrition.
Your neighbour has mental illness.
Your neighbour grew up in an abusive home.
Your neighbour is of another race.
Your neighbour is gay.
Your neighbour committed a crime.
Your neighbour needs health care.
Your neighbour needs love & understanding
Your neighbour needs compassion & empathy.

Be the "Power of Love" in our world; love knows no frontiers.


With true love you feel like the other is the reason your life is beautiful. It is when you're lost in those eyes, those thoughts and you think of them every moment. Loving someone the best feeling because when you feel low and you talk to them, all they say is, "It will be alright; I'm right beside you."

By Ifra Baig, September 19, 2017*.