In the absence of truth, comfort is a delusion.

Yet is that delusion good or bad? Well, that depends on if the intention that produced the "comfort" was emotionally indifferent or well rooted in true love.

Let us expand on this point a little more...

As with many ethical and philosophical points the output or result has everything to do with the quality of the input. When we look at the relationship of truth vs. delusion we can ask if the intention was rooted in love emotional indifference. Why? Because they respectively give rise to either virtue or vice. If the truly loving thing to do is truth, then you tell the total truth, nothing hidden. Yet if that would cause pain for no purpose, then the loving thing to do is to provide comfort even if it contains elements of delusion (or lie).

In short, we all need a firm grounding in the truth, yet the kind truth that takes account of love and comfort rather than the brutality of a life without cooling shadows. For in that truth is the way of peace for all. It is a peace born of a more mature stand-point.


If you are intelligent enough to create many perspectives and triangulate without bias, you will find truth, it will build as a three dimensional sculpture and inform your intuition, your dreams and your intellect.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 8, 2021.

Real truth is not subjective, yet as with a recipe, it has many "ingredients" that form it. When we are only aware of a few of those ingredients (and others see different ingredients), it appears as if there are multiple "truths," there are not. Thus when the creative brain engages in perspective taking from many, many angles, real truth can (and does) emerge.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 2, 2021.

Only by looking at an object from many perspectives do you see its exact shape and dimensions, and truth is the same; which is why only a multidisciplinary approach by the high level generalists will find it. For it is the harmonising of these facts from apparently unrelated areas that is the eureka moment, the finding of truth.


Truth is treason in an empire of lies.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 16, 2015.

Authored by Ron Paul, here.


Truth can be a strange notion, for it always relies on perspective. Can the two ever be separated? I believe the only pure form to be love, for that is a truth that brings us to the same understanding.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 26, 2015.

For truth drill down into your soul, find that lake of pure water that will wash you clean should you truly desire it. Learn who you really are, who you were born to be, and you will be set free. You were born to love, your soul is pure. If religion hurts, you can still find faith. You are free to choose the healthiest route for yourself; you can "Use the force, young Skywalker" or go more "traditional," what does it matter? Just know you are good inside.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 24, 2015.

"Leonora, in your age the truths are a fiction, and so I have buried the truth in the fiction. Very neat, I think you'll find. Happy hunting."

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 8, 2016.