There's something about egalitarian people that stings for the victim. They want to see everything as, "six of one and half a dozen of the other." In all my life I've never seen a situation that was actually split that way, though I do work to feel the pain of both sides. Damaged people are often unaware of seeking more damage, addicted to being the victim, trapped in their need for attention and a behavioural pattern that ensures all attention received is negative. Confidence and self esteem are challenging to build in a person who has neither. I've seen the perpetrators, also broken people, once victims themselves, addicted to the sickly buzz of power, of hurting others and then 'playing the victim.' They see relationships as a form of war, or like chess, never loving as others do. Both sides need help, unconditional love and nurture. Yet too often, in this quest to be fair we are anything but fair; love is poured into the sinner while the quiet victim suffers alone, self harming or worse, struggling to find their positive self. It's time to seek out those gentle souls in pain and tell them that the one who harmed them was wrong, that they have our love freely given, that they are worth fixing. The world needs more emotional softness, more empathy.; to be a sensitive person is a great gift to the world.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, December 29, 2017.