Danke would say that the predator you should learn how to pray for the wellness of others. For the clues of who we are in our language. It means nothing to the animal kingdom, nothing for the noble tiger or wise wolf, it is a humanity thing. For in English you are marked as a primitive person if you are a predator type, literally, literary, pre-date-or. To pre-date is to be more ancient and basic, human 1.0. Thus the prey, the nicer ones more spiritually connected to nature, to God or to their own soulfulness, is the more advanced version, human 2.0. And this is why our world is upside-down, we need the loving ones who seek to help, who wish others well, who are empathic and kind to serve humanity with wisdom and give society the direction it urgently needs. So, pre-date or pray? Will humanity accept the upgrade... server is waiting for instructions... device will need a direct AC supply... will you plug in?

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 10, 2019*.