"I love some one else. But my parents didn't allow us to marry.", She told him.
"Why are you telling me now !", he whispered with tinge of a shock, anger, grief in his voice.
They both were standing on the stage at their wedding reception.

By Adwait Damle, September 18, 2014.

The room buzzed with excited chatter and children ran between the tables in a good natured game of tag. Then the bride and groom entered, applause spread across the room. There was the scraping of chairs as folks got up for a standing ovation and the happy couple made their way to the head table, smiling and holding hands. They sat in front of a bouquet of baby pink roses and the groom leaned in for a kiss. There were cheers and someone whooped. After a few moments the toastmaster rose from his chair and everyone else sat down. The sound of his teaspoon rapping on the side of his wineglass signalled everyone to silence, except the children who were shushed by their parents.

By randiphips, October 24, 2014.