Those who fear witchcraft have not cognition of their own tongue, for they speak, "Which craft?" It is as if they feel there are two ways to travel, as two boats upon water, and they fear a wrong choice. So we answer that all that is good comes from God, that his 'craft' is a part of nature and of us also. For the ones who seek only the light, the love, the healing that flows in all creation, our magic isn't ours at all. We are not as conductors of an orchestra with a wand, but more as the soft music of the flute. We are ones of duty, filled with love, moving with nature, inspired by the beauty of creation. We are moved by the loving hands of our creator, yours and mine, and have the power to resist the negative force, the one we do not name. The chaos of the universe has a synchronicity that can only be seen by those committed to either the positive or negative side, the forces beyond what we call 'reality.'

If you are blind to it, then be sure that God is trying to reach you and show you the beauty you hold within, to offer you the same chance to serve goodness and live only with positivity, joy, gratitude and love. If you prefer the term 'angels,' 'fairies' or 'rainbow warriors,' that's okay, yet they are only words. The power is in how these sounds we make with our mouths have become a part of the wiring of the brain, and how knowledge of such brings the power of love to some, yet poisons others with a love of power. So, witchcraft? Which craft? The good craft of course, the course to eden (some say to Narnia, to heaven or to paradise); take this chance to sail on the river that gives of itself to the ocean. Our help comes from the lord, the great spirit, the creator of earth and the heavens.