"When we read the lines of Lady MacBeth, we see how she appeals to the demons of Satan to help her remove positive emotions, to enable a fake heart to keep secrets from her real heart, for the heart, the channel of positive emotions is open to the divine creator, God. This is the essence of negative witchcraft. And so, in an age where folks have lost their belief in witches, in the direct prayers we utter without thought that have real effects in the world, the need for the return of the angel witches has never been more acute. Let us review some everyday prayers that go straight to the demons if the emotions behind them are emotionally indifferent or cruel. You can tell much about where the prayer goes from the tone of voice, for the tone of voice is both 'dialling tone' and 'phone number' when it comes to such wishes. Thus, the intention here determines who answers the call - or to whom your prayer goes to. The god of creation has angels and they are all about love and health. The devil has demons and they are all about suffering, revenge and power. Okay, here are the first few...

'God damn it,' is not a God's prayer but one asking for retribution or revenge. It is a cuss. And so the angel witch works to replace it in society with something that calls to the angels, to God, in the right way. It could be something such as, 'Heaven help me.'

'For fucks sake,' is a statement of anger that carries a mixed message. It brings a a sense of frustration that things are more about "fucking" than "loving," yet the language is crude. "For goodness sake," is a better spell because in the moment of anger you are appealing to goodness and thus to the angels.

'Holy shit,' is not that bad either, but it equates holy with shit and thus should be avoided. A better spell is 'holy heaven united.' This altered phrase calls upon unity of the holy, a call to bring love, health and the goodness heaven leads us toward.

So, think about what you say because your prayers are answered...


So, the social media lesson. As a recap, recall that words, even down to their subparts at times, form parts of spells that have a real impact in our human neurology and to whom we are pray. Thus awareness of what ordinary everyday prayers, or spells, do, is essential.

"Tinder" is called such because the word "tinder" conjures mental imagery of burning. Witches, even angel witches, take this very seriously of course. As an application where one "burns" potential suitors rather than taking the time to get to know a person or falling in love, it speaks volumes about the true polarity of human faith. They are asking for ego trips and to judge others rather than asking for true love.

"Facebook" is called such because it is about a "skin deep society" as in your face is your book, an invite to be judged by society by your "cover" instead of your heart. In this age everyone is as Lady MacBeth, afraid that their false heart will inform their real heart, their link to heaven, of what they've really been doing. This is the age of the false self, the false heart, where people fear their real pages being "read." All angel witches can read the "pages" of others and this is the real reason behind witch hunts. We see them as they are, and as they are is terrifying.

"Instagram" is called such because you are weighed in an instant by the "gram" according to your photographs and pithy statements. Again, it is a vehicle of false hearts, another cover for your "book."

These words are prayers or spells, whom hears them depends on their intended effects. We need to open our souls and hearts to one another, to value vulnerability, to show real goodness, to show that we ask heaven for our help. As the angel witches of the new age, the transformation of language is a vast task that will require a team effort. Good luck and godspeed. Heaven help us all.


Today, class, we learn about racism and how the angel witch neutralises it. Language both programs the brain and acts as everyday spell-casting. Thus we avoid linkage between words that denote groups in society with negative feelings, emotions or intent. Often the indirect, the unintended, are potent in this regard.

Let us look at the Shakespearian "black mood," here the word black means "foul" yet in our age it is linked to those of African heritage. And so, we must recall that the role of the angel witch is to work in society in real time, for as language shifts meaning the effect of the same words shifts and the spell is different. Instead of "black mood" we can say, "I am in need of light today." For this is an appeal to goodness and leads in the right direction and racism is avoided. Thus the angel witch is a master of words, emotions and seeing the hidden effects people blind themselves to... we are the real mirrors of heaven... and people are afraid to see their true selves... so take care class... beyond the boundaries of this school you do not exist. Witches aren't real and neither are angel witches... words are just words.... I hope you take that seriously. Stay classy.