Tyler was alpha all the way, but the right kind, like Dom from "The Fast and the Furious." He was all about love, family and protection. He was the kind of guy people wanted to be lead by, to be on his team. I guess that what the original meaning of "Domum" is anyway - "home," that with a natural leader we feel at ease. Just as with wolves, an alpha is steadfast and confident, a role model - a hunter yet paternal and safe. I can honestly say I'd never met a person who could hold a candle to him and, when I opened that door, the only scary part was the possibility that it would close again before I had the courage to walk through.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), September 10, 2018.

There was a time when I thought my love for you was a spark,
I wondered if it would flicker and extinguish,
Yet instead it grew to be a lantern in the dark,
And its cozy glow became my guide,
Illuminating the love and joy I forgot was within me,
And so I learned to rest there,
Feeling at home,
In time trusting to draw closer,
For my spark to leave its cave in search of your light,
For there was a time we were one,
And it feels that it will come again,
That we will burn one flame,
A light enough to reach every dark corner,
A sense of belonging,
A liberty that wishes to remain,
A ghost that needs a home with open doors,
And the fragrance of the meadow,
The song of the birds,
And your arms that feel as a cocoon,
A refuge from even my inner storms,
And so I must have to courage to reach out,
To be guided by your lantern as much as my own,
And to be as constant as the sun for you,
As solid as a real person,
One with roots instead of feet that run,
So let me reach out,
Take the giant leap that is a simple step for the lucky ones.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), September 27, 2018.

This relationship, Terry, should be a relation-ship, or a kinship - something that makes us family. I want it to be something that unites our friends, our relations, and not become as a boat cast adrift away from those we know and love. What is good builds up goodness, heals and includes others. What is good is a benefit to us and our community, to the world. It is how we let this love for one another spill out, make a light for others to share. So, my love, hoist the sail; we're homeward bound.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), May 21, 2018.

You aren't the fire, yet you bring a warmth that's new to me. You aren't intensity, yet you steady this heart in a way I have needed for so long. You see my differences, things others run from, and find them as beautiful instead. You have become more than my anchor, for you are also the boat and the warm sunny rays that kiss me softly. You are my rest, a calmness to soothe my flames to a steady heat instead of the consuming inferno that has raged within, unable to quell. To find someone similar is flattering, joyous, creating higher highs - this is better. This is finding the other half to a broken locket, a feeling of completeness.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), April 26, 2018.

Rory stood there in mitten covered hands, snow clinging in small lumps to stray fibres, pristine white over the charcoal grey. His face was different though, as if that grey world of his had somehow sprung hope. With a half-smile and eyes that promised a rising sense of warmth, he stepped in from the wintry-morn and shook the mittens off one at a time. Then with both of them in one hand, the snow rapidly melting to give them a washed-look, he wrapped his arms around me, as if I was his gift and he wanted nothing more than to be close.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), March 3, 2018.

When I was in pain from him, I took it out on you. When I couldn't say to him how his actions kept me in constant pain, you were the safe target. So all you saw was "push and pull." A push away when I needed to act out a form of "strength," and a pull when I panicked, needing you close. I'm sorry. I wasn't aware, now I am. It's you that heals my mind, with nothing fancier than a smile and warm hugs. It's you who picks up the phone, comes when I call. I guess this is recovery, when I can see the people who are really helping and ask them to come closer, staying quiet when the urges to push them away returns, ensuring that their kindness is mirrored by my actions and words.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), March 5, 2018.

I don't want a relationship that's like junk food; I want a relationship that's like a healthy meal with a scandalous desert. The physical part is nice, but show me your soul, show me your heart. Be man enough to be a boy. Show me who you were born to be, not what the world made you into.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), October 4, 2017.

"Alex, look closely at your new love. Only kind people can truly be strong, for without it all they are is a mimic of a rock, one so cold it will shatter under a blow from above. True strength always comes with warmth, with emotional intelligence and forbearance. The strong protect and nurture no matter the situation. If you make a new relationship with this person, their emptiness will drain you. They will show little reaction to your pains, demand that you give more to them, and you will, over and over until there is nothing of you left to give. Then they will be angry, like someone thirsty trying to drink from an empty vessel. You will feel inadequate, broken, compelled to keep giving to the one you gave your life to, confused as to why it is insufficient. Alex, only you can alter your path, your timeline, your life. Every rock in the sunshine is warm, and with such a partner life is always summer."

By Angela Abraham (daisy), June 10, 2017.

"I can tell you how this is gonna go, but I'm begging you to prove me wrong. First we'll flirt and get close, then the closeness will trigger a panic in me I can't control and I'll go cold, like ice. I will retreat. I'll be careful not to cause damage because I have at least learnt that much. Then, when the fear of being hurt all over again has passed I'll come back to you, warm and affectionate, feeling guilty, feeling worried that I've lost you. It will look like 'fire and ice,' or 'push and pull,' but in truth it is an emotional wave that is painful and internal to me. I will know you are being kind, steady, perhaps confused. In the end, very few stick with me; but for those that do it is an eternal friendship and I would walk through fire and ice for those I love. So, throw a penny in a well, my love, and make a wish; I already did the same."

By Angela Abraham (daisy), March 28, 2017.

As the train rattles on, Marcus, talks of his bath the night before, bubbles and lavender. Lara gives him a playful nudge, "Sure you closed the blinds?"

He grins and sinks into the seat, "Ain't no hiding that, baby." Lara's face splits into a wide grin before casting her eyes out of the window briefly, then returning to his still smiling face. "Look at the fields," he says, "and the sheep hiding under the bridge."

Lara keeps looking right at him. "I can see them anytime. I want to look at your face while I can."

By Angela Abraham (daisy), November 4, 2016.

As their bodies hit the bare mattress Francis turns to Jen, eyes of flame, a wry grin on his face. "I knew I'd get you into bed one day." Jen feels the explosion within her, a burst of love. Then she knows, it was never just her yearning for him, but mutual. They lock eyes, her smile a mirror of his. Then he rolls a little closer, “We were born cheeky, you and me.” In that moment the rest of the people in the store become nothing at all, like they aren't there at all.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), November 4, 2016.

Lover, your words bring out the deep pain I have buried in my bones, drawing the poison of years into my blood. Your laughter and touch remove it, pulling it into my skin, allowing what was toxic to evaporate like morning dew. Should we be apart please halt your kind words, stop bringing out more than my blood can take, for then all I can do is bury it anew and wait for you to bring the medicine of your hands, of the connection of our souls.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), June 21, 2016.

I came to you like a hurricane, everything that once held me in place ripped away. I was raw, hurting and you were patient, caring, no matter what. The love you showed was a new thing to me, though I'd given it to others I'd never felt it poured over me like a salve. I'd been aware of my love for you since we were kids, but in those precious moments, in those times you picked me up and set me back in my feet, it magnified. Yet the love burns too hot, consumes me, and so I must quiet the flames, bring them to a warmth that can be sustained. The fuel of new romance should only be affection, caring, love - never the fear of being alone. So let me grow strong, let me loose that fear. Then we have a better foundation, a footing that can last.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), June 19, 2016.

Jason comes to me like ice for my whiskey, taking that keen edge off the hard liquor. He pulls me into a heady trance, letting the love flow through me quicker than fire in dry wood. Suddenly I'm swamped with a feeling I'd rather die than let go of, rather wither away than loose. His love is my valour, my virtue, the very best parts of me combined like naked copper wiring. Him and me, we were born to spark together, born to run the same course.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), September 14, 2015.

Tabitha eyed the new coffee table, it was old fashioned and mahogany, not one of those mass produced items with veneers over compressed fibre boards, but real wood right the way through. She shuddered at the thought of what it cost to make, not in money but in old growth forest, but there was no point in telling Karla off for buying it. It was antique and therefore more environmentally friendly to buy now than anything new. So instead she smiled and threw an arm around her girlfriend, "It's beautiful K, just like you."

By Angela Abraham (daisy), March 5, 2015.

Pia smirks as she sits, but not cruelly, she knows before she goes any further that they have lots in common. The coffee table is made from reclaimed wood, she can see the old nail holes in the deeply stained pine. Once that wood was a barn, a warehouse maybe, perhaps as far away as Vietnam. But wherever it's from it means the man she's started dating is greener than he's letting on. Or perhaps he never bought it, maybe it's a hand-me down. She purses her lips and speaks as if the information is of no importance. "Hey, Mike, I love the coffee table, was it a gift from someone?"

"Oh, what, that thing? No, I bought it in a sale, it matches the dining table, see?" Pia grins as she goes to see the dining table, looking about for more clues about her new love interest...

By Angela Abraham (daisy), September 14, 2015.

I've seen Tom a thousand times in his father's store, stacking shelves and greeting customers. He's always been a part of that place, blending in, less conspicuous than the covers of the magazines and rows of candy. But now he's all I see in there, the rest is a meaningless back-drop. I used to love the sugary aroma of the penny sweets, now all I want is to be close enough to for his musky scent to make my brains swim with a heady intoxication. He looks my way, almost able to keep the grin from his face. His father spies the exchange and makes a gruff excuse about having to check stock out the back. Then I pull my hand from behind my back to reveal the fresh bun I poached from my aunt's kitchen on the way over. There's no more hiding his grin, he leans in for a kiss and takes the bun, the shop bell pings to let us know we are no longer alone and he tells me "pickles are on the other side of the aisle." I grin, thank him kindly and buy the pickles...

By Angela Abraham (daisy), May 14, 2015.

Tom is all quiet tonight, not like him at all, mister chatter himself. I'm used to the long tales, the rambling, the quick wit. I bite my inner lip for just a half second before sitting next to him, flicking my hair in the fading light of the evening. He speaks before I get the chance. "I love you." There's something in his candour that worries me, this isn't Tom. He isn't usually direct like this. "I love you, Cecile. I love you with everything that I am but I'm so scared that if you stay with me you'll die."

So this is it. It's his sense of chivalry that's holding him back. I don't know whether to hit him or hug him. "These are my choices, Tom. Isn't that what truly defines us? Not the darkness that wallows in the recesses of our minds but the things we do to better the world?" He looks away, I know his eyes are full of emotion he doesn't want to share.

"I can't protect you when you get out there, Cecile. I'll be helpless and I'm so afraid. I'd rather put myself in the firing line infinite times than have you there just once. You know what they'll do if they take you alive." His voice trails off. How could I have been so dumb to start a romance with everything going on. But was there really a choice? Without love how are we to go on fighting?

"Tom, I love you more every day, more than words can ever express. I would live infinite lifetimes by your side if I could. But this battle has my name on it, it's my destiny." Tom begins to nod slowly, shoulders beginning to shake. This isn't the future we thought we'd have, but if we want a beautiful world for our kids, our grandkids and all the generations after that we must head the battle call.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), September 14, 2015.

There is so much in Oliver's silence, so much he just won't say. I can see by his expression there's a lot going on in his head, but if I ask he just says he was thinking of how pretty I am. Got to give the boy credit, he's smoother than silk. He flashes the smile that's got me tied up tighter than a banker's money, but unlike a vault, isn't claustrophobic at all. I'm safe with him, even if he does keep secrets. Loving him doesn't give me right to know every pain and doubt, to rummage though the wreckage of his head. Some scars are invisible, I know he carries his share. I slip my hand into his and we wind through the park, just two lovers, happy, connected.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), September 14, 2015.
Romance / Contemporary

A new relationship was the last thing I needed, not right on the heels of Barker. But Jack wasn't taking "No" for an answer. When I wanted to cry he took me to the movies. When I wanted to shut the whole world out he came over to make me fresh pasta the way his "mama" made it. When I wanted to drink alone he arrived with a shot glass and chips. Every time I pushed back he gave me no resistance, but every time I fell he picked me up, no "thank-you's" required. I didn't want to rebound on Jack, he deserves something real, someone to adore him until the end of time, not some flake who doesn't know what shirt to wear in the morning 'cause her hangover's so damn bad.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), September 14, 2015.

"You don't know what his wife did to him; you don't know what my husband did to me. So why don't you take your judgements and stick them up your ass where they'll have the company of their peers."

By Angela Abraham (daisy), November 22, 2016.

Had Headly touched me months ago this fire would have been enough to burn brighter than any he'd ever known. With every passing day it grows stronger yet, and I wonder what will happen the day he lays his hand on my lower back and pulls me in tight. The thought alone consumes my mind, jolts my body with electricity. I want to taste him, feel the movement of his body, become one. It's still not time though, so we wait, caring for one another as our hidden inferno grows. Perhaps that is what others see when we look at one another, like that fire connects between us, igniting our smiles and laughter, changing our posture, inviting the most intimate of body language.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), November 22, 2016.

I hated you, once upon a time, and it was funny how that began by almost running you over as you stood dead centre of the path I took to get home from work at night. From there, we continuously ran into each other as we trod through our daily lives. At school, at the cafe, at parties. You grew on me, and you knew that.

So when you stand infront of me now, grinning like the Joker, I can finally say that you've grown a lot more on me. I see your protruding dimples, your glistening eyes, and your genuine smile. I see how happy you are.

I hope that one day I can find the happiness you seem to radiate. I also hope that I can consistently find it in you, if this all works out.

By uveli, July 26, 2017.
Romance / General

“Why do you like me?” She whispered, her hands tracing the freckles on my arm, connecting them with invisible lines like a dot – to – dot. “How could I not?” I replied, cupping her cheek so her beautiful eyes met my own. She frowned at my answer and looked away. I drop my hand and fiddle with the grass instead.
I loved the fading sunset behind her eyes, the moonlight that danced through her hair, the sadness nestled in the creases of her palms. I love all of her, not just the parts that make sense, not just the parts that she has shown me. I love the parts of her that I don’t yet understand, the parts that weigh on her shoulders, the parts I only notice when I steal glances at her in the silence.
“How could I not.”

By Jeanette Piek, November 12, 2017.
Romance / General

I am next to you on the grassy hill, staring up at the night sky. Your blond hair fans out around your head like a halo, showing the angel you are. Your eyes of emotion and laughter gaze into mine. When you close them, I look at you for a little while longer… still trying to convince myself you are real. I sigh, close my own eyes and fall into the perfect sleep of bliss.

You are my summer.

By matilda, April 19, 2018.