Relationships are a two way thing, something based in love and trust. So let's have less talk of relationships with media or celebrity. The media may be a factor in the environment that has either a positive or negative impact on your psychology, brain chemistry and thoughts. If you think you have a relationship to celebrities, to these photographed stars of stage and screen, you are delusional. Also, you cannot have a relationship with a car, with food or any other non-living thing. They cannot respond. In truth they are relationships with yourself, with your own inner feelings and are things that alter your hormonal balance or brain chemistry in some way. So, let us get real before we get lost and lonely; let us be clear that a relationship is two way. You can have a relationship with another person in real life, or with an animal, and perhaps with nature itself. Yet if there is no reciprocal love, you are alone, and it's better you know it so you can become a solid person in connection to your own feelings, in control of yourself, and able to seek something genuine and good.