Perhaps it is time to point out the stupidity of anti-Semitism. Firstly, for the anti-semite, is their objection genetic or faith oriented? For if advantageous genes allowed Abraham to communicate with God, then by now they must be widespread in every population on Earth that is not isolated, that is what happens to genes that give an advantage. These genes would thus be in people of all faiths and ethnicities, and perhaps arisen again de novo by mutation. We might see them manifesting in our writers and artists, our social movers and in those who promote love and cooperation, how fitting for God's "chosen people." Or, if the antisemitism is faith based instead, then how do they think Judaism differs from all other religions? Perhaps the most celebrated proponent of love, certainly in the west, is Jesus, who was a Jew, as were his family and friends. So on what is this unholy hatred based? Is it a form of envy? Does it really take so little to bring out the genocidal behaviours of humans? Moreover, if these ideas cannot be articulated in a comprehensive way devoid of fear triggers then what is it but basic thuggery?