The only Jew who really tried to create a New World Order was Jesus Christ and I plan to help him achieve it. It's a radical system we call love and cooperation. Call all your conspiracy friends... change is coming...


Dear World Leaders,

The universe considers it only polite to give you notice that your pink slips will be in the post shortly, you know, the old P45. In due course, as God wills it, His Daughter will take over, saving creation and humanity. You've done such a piss poor job that it really shouldn't come as much of a shock. Anyway, get your respective houses in order, the new world is on the way.


God's Daughter


God: By now most of you should be aware that the apocalypse is well underway and more than anything it is one last chance to save creation and humanity as it exists in your era. There are considerable issues that need solving. My daughter has gone a long way toward creating a new paradigm for a new world order, one based in love rather than money. It's a tough job that's taken her the best part of a decade and a lot of suffering to complete. As we move onward the saving of your planet will be a collaboration of the best people to complete the tasks - the right skills for each fix that is required. No one person, not even her, is right for every task. This is going to depend upon a lot of very good hearted people becoming a team who trust each other to do what is right, to do what is loving, for the entire world. She will be the creative, philosophical, visionary lead, that's enough. It's a credit to her that her brain can do all this. She cannot specialise in multiple directions that require different brain sub-part configurations. There will be a lead who is a more technical managerial type who is a specialist at organising large teams who carry out complex tasks. There will be leads in a variety of scientific and local indigenous knowledge areas, including various faiths. We will be looking to bring about the best Earth restoration program that supports diversity in nature and cultures. With a God-led new world order of people who serve rather than "hold power," there is a good life waiting for everyone on Earth. It's what I always wanted for you all, yet until the point of near ecological collapse it's been impossible to make the necessary changes. I hope you will be considerate and polite with the era/paradigm transition team, they are faced with perhaps the most difficult and complex task any human has ever faced and yet they must communicate all that to the population in a way every person can comprehend. Wish them luck, even with my help, they'll need it.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, October 10, 2020.