World War III was nothing like any war before. The death toll was just as great and it really got it's kick off in 1999, just as Nostradamus said it would, with the repeal of the Glass-Steagall act. Now the money of average citizens could be used in speculation on the dark markets, taken away from local communities and business.

It was a war fought by the bankers, the real rulers, those above the governments of every nation - for when a person can literally make money, what do the laws matter to them? They can buy anyone, anywhere, take control with ease.

The deaths were in the foreign lands; over two billion were starving, another two billion malnourished. Then came the destabilization efforts, setting one group against another and making big profits selling them arms. Extremist groups were funded and set to cause death and destruction in their homelands on a scale no foreign power could achieve without provoking nuclear armageddon.

During the war even the relatively untouched countries in the west were kept in a vice of fear, anything to stop them correctly analyzing the situation. After the corruption in the Catholic church fewer and fewer turned to God, to the positive spirit of the universe. The words of Christ still echoed in the culture, struggling under the heavy indoctrination of the media and the corporate distractions...