His body was sending his brain weird signals. He was sweating. The balance of his inner ear had gone. His bones, no longer needed were leaking calcium. His back was aching because of the elongation of his spine. Inside his stomach, his guts were floating helplessly, and because of the shift in his fluid level, he felt a desperate need to go to the toilet....And it got worse. Alex stopped spinning and found himself floating in the very center of the module. Either he was moving very slowly or he wasn't moving at all. The rails and Velcro straps were now uselessly high above his head. He stretched out his arms and discovered the walls were a couple of inches out of reach. It was like some terrible nightmare. Every time he strained forward, his body moved back...

By hiccup, June 19, 2012.

Found in Alex Rider, Ark Angel, authored by Anthony Horowitz.