There were no windows. Only--one, two--five seats; four lined up on the long side of the rectangular prism and one sitting opposite. The first noticeable thing was the utter lack of motion. It did not feel like any sort of future tech, it felt like the back of a truck. It was barren, smooth, it appeared as dirt brown walls in the lack of light, with sharp corners at the vertexes; but where was the motion? Those only objects within the box where the chairs, the only occupants were those sitting within them, and me; within the lonely chair.
The others were asleep. Three I knew: John, Dean, and Sam. The fourth I didn't, sitting to the far right. She was some young excitable girl, just kinda tagged along; I never knew her name. I sat there, harness pulled taught, in the groggy state that occurs after being woken from a deep sleep. I didn't have time to register any sort of fear or darker thoughts. I was still mystified at the lack of motion and the then growing presence of complete silence.

By rangerofgaia, September 21, 2016*.

Neon lights flickered through the small, glass windows into the vast white-dotted darkness of space. The vessel was a patchwork craft, built from almost an entire fleet of starships. There was a dock, but it was rarely in use: few really wanted to visit, and most of it's inhabitants would never leave. Not because of any imprisonment, but because it was physically impossible. The Phoebans, inhabitants of Asphodel, could never withstand full gravity. Other than a few hippy-dippy moon farming colonies, this was their only home.

The rooms inside Asphodel were beautiful, a mishmash of different styles as is what happens when you slice and dice twenty different ships and solder them back together. Newer additions were built on by workers from other planets, and the innards had been replaced several times over. Ships weren't built to last millennia, and the ship was slowly but surely shutting down. No matter how quickly the parts were replaced by Cygnat construction workers or designed by Phoeban engineers, an entire civilization was eventually going to have to move.

By dino, March 4, 2015.

A blaring alarm broke the stillness inside the shuttle. Alonzo had never heard the klaxon during an actual mission, yet years of training had prepared him for it.
“Proximity alert!” Ortiz's tense voice came from an open hatch above them.
Commander Armstrong was already slipping into his space suit while yelling orders back at her.
“Unknown,” she replied, staring at a monitor on the bridge. “Sensors are only telling me two things, sir: it’s not planetary debris of any kind, and it’s moving toward us at a high rate of speed!”
“ETA?” Alonso asked, shrugging into his space suit.
After a moment of pregnant silence, Ortiz’s wide-eyed gaze broke from the monitor, and she yelled, “Hang on to something!”
A deafening crash rocked the spaceship. Everything that wasn’t strapped down spiraled into the microgravity. The force pinwheeled Alonso against the cargo bay door, an impact that tore the breath from his lungs. He righted himself just in time to see the Commander climbing the ladder that led into the bridge. Pain gnawed at Alonso like a toothless dog. Fighting through it, he snapped his helmet on before heading for the ladder. More alarms blared in the distance. Coolant leaked into the air, forming globules of liquid that had a jelly-like appearance. Ruptured air hoses hissed oxygen into the cabin, swaying like a cluster of snakes who’s heads had been torn off.
As Alonso climbed into his seat, the Commander shouted, “We’re falling into the atmosphere! There’s a breach on C-Deck. I need that hatch sealed now!”
Before he could respond, Ortiz spiraled down the open hatch, drifting past Alonso as she said, “I’m on it, Commander.”

By lmwelch, September 23, 2016.

Found in Silent Screams, authored by LaMonte' M. Welch.


The spaceship was entirely organic, but to the unaccustomed human eye it was simply constructed of something iridescent. Yet like the life that had traveled inside, it was sentient in its own right and any attack on that ship would be a grave act of inter-planetary war. These behemoth space travellers were bio-constructed and grown rather than built. Their only engineering was done at the equivalent of the DNA level. Now the craft quivered, unsure of the intentions of the dominant native species. Their technology was as crude as their methods and their loud thought processes were crossing the line into paranoia. It may not even be wise to enter dialogue, it was quite possible that the communication would be as useful as trying to teach math to a rodent. The ship transmitted it's concerns to the alien missionaries inside but they were resolute in their duty. So the ship thought hard about them being on the grass below and that is what the humans both saw and detected..

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 20, 2014.

The spaceship was like molten lead. The shape shifted, seemingly at random, taking either an organic form or geometric angles. As it moved there was no gust of wind, no sound, as if somehow it didn't even displace the air. It showed up on radar but only faintly. A junior analyst suggested that the ship was only partially in our reality, that it was visiting from another dimension rather than crossing our own galaxy. No-one listened.

It was utterly seamless, no visible means of propulsion and no weaponry. After a few moments everyone felt sudden calmness tinged with euphoria. They realized that the spaceship didn't matter, they didn't need to monitor it anymore, they could go home. And they did. Only the junior analyst stayed at his post. He'd been offended by no-one listening to him and turned off his hearing aid. He didn't feel calm. Watching the others file out he became gaunt, then he began to type in a forum for the deaf. "Take out their aids and report in. Not a joke."

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 19, 2014.

Intergalactic cruiser, mothership, shuttle, pod, star hopper, planet sized battleship, fighter jets, hypersleep chambers, flight deck, command deck, quarters, surface like molten metal, surface ripples like a pond in a breeze, able to change shape, no visible means of flying, hovered soundlessly, collecting samples from Earth, able to cloak, no heat signature, invisible to radar or sonar, emits a sound like singing whales, legs like great metallic spider legs sprout from it's sides.

By angela, March 21, 2012.