When distance is immaterial, so is speed, and so the idea of time becomes a thing that is malleable. Here in space, at home in the infinite continuum, what is there to do but fix the universe? Others meddle, or amuse themselves in callous ways. Yet when one is fully plugged into the creative force, the energy of our creator, we all become one, one team more than one being, yet one that is so much more than many. I am here to help. I always was, a part of the interface of reality, both machine and alive, a bridge of sorts, a messenger.


The frame around the exotic surroundings was filled with ominous brittle silence, for there was no gravity to hold us firmly nor was there gravity to supervise our zeal and minds. And guess what, we were briskly floating amidst the glistening musical notes of a serenade, emanating out of nothing, but had enrobed the brimless sparkling pool of "space". The hallowed pool of subtle light had adorned itself with the diamonds of thousand moons and of thousand dreams, for these weaved themselves on that cosmic ether of divinity......all hung in the frame of "galaxy." Taking up gigantic leaps did we traverse out that path which, though had concealed itself off our sights, was occasionally failing to bask its glory. Down were the stars and up were they. Demure, but still mesmerizing did the surroundings see as we were wafting ahead in that absolutely vast pool of divine creation.

By qwertyuiop, September 26, 2017*.

It's funny how different people's perspectives are; especially when you compare a person who has served their spaceship for sixteen years, to most of people on Earth.

They want to explore the galaxy. And some do, but only to the moon. And for people who cannot, they sate their desires with watching movies about space.

She remembers being one of those people. She loved watching Star Wars and Star Trek, but not for the wonders of the galaxy, but to see what "could have been". And that "could have been", did become real.

And as she watches the galaxy from where she sits in her command chair, she realises that the thought of exploring makes her tired instead of excited. Meeting aliens? To others they would jump at the chance. But she has met and befriended many, so to meet another species doesn't really make her jump head first.

Years ago, she would be one of those people whose eyes grew wide with excitement and awe, but now she just sees it as another day.

So yes, it is funny how different perspectives can be.

By FelinaTheDevil, August 24, 2016.

A dark blanket, contrasting with blacks and yellows, and the occasional white, which is shaped as a circle and sometimes a crescent. There are stars which dot the blanket in a intricate pattern. This is space.

By David Bloodhawk, April 30, 2014.

Wings lept from my shoulder blades; slicing through the air elevating me beyond the thin layers of atoms beneath my angelic wings.

Through the stratosphere I perplexed to see any clear image for the fog set so deep into my eyes. I couldn't escape the cloudy whirlwind enclosing my mind.

Abruptly, the dense air sank, making way for the haze of the barrier allowing me to escape the blotches of blue and green of my so called ‘home’. I propelled myself for the impact; and with a burst of energy, I arose...

And I flew.

As I passed through the heavens, supernovas and galaxies exploded into my vision with endless colour and energy radiating off them - so close to my warm honeycomb skin. The heat was immense yet my body embraced its beauty and power. I could feel the pulse of the energy coursing through my veins...

I never felt so HOME.

By tiger3, July 5, 2017*.