Orion is outlined by four bright stars at the corners of an imaginary trapezoid. Within the space defined by these four points, seeming to draw them together into a pattern, is a row of three stars tilted at an angle - Orions belt. Arcing downward from the belt is another group of fainter stars - his sword.

By hiccup, April 20, 2012.

Found in A Field Guide to the Familiar, authored by Gale Lawrence.


I recognized the tortuous, tattered band of the Milky Way, with Vega very bright between sun and earth; and Sirius and Orion shone splendid against the unfathomable blackness in the opposite quarter of the heavens. The Pole Star was overhead, and the Great Bear hung over the circle of the earth. And away beneath and beyond the shining corona of the sun were strange groupings of stars I had never seen in my life - notably, a dagger-shapped group that I knew for the Southern Cross.

By james, April 20, 2012.

Found in Under the Knife, authored by H. G. Wells.