As the medicalization of criminality continued, anxiety in the population grew to fever pitch. Any person with a "diagnosis" was treated with leniency and let out to offend repeatedly. If they offended enough, prison was considered ineffective and no sentence was given at all. Societies that had been peaceful grew more violent, and nowhere was this trend more pronounced than in the schoolyards. Every violent kid had more rights than the developmentally normal kids, every time they assaulted another kid they were counselled and given "another chance." The victims soon developed disorders of their own - anxiety being most common.

The solution to this problem wasn't to force the violently or predatory disordered on the rest of society and tell them to "deal with it"; it was to realize that they all have a mental wellness problem that requires their removal from the rest of the population until it can be demonstrated that they are safe to return. If their condition is currently untreatable they should not be permitted the opportunity to reoffend. The permissive way only leads to more victims, more anxiety and a worsening spiral of violence.


My attacker had a diagnosis; it didn't make a difference to me. The knife was still sharp and my psychological issues afterwards just the same. My temper frays, my children cry because they don't understand how mama changed so much. I fight it, try to return to who I was but the flashbacks and anger take their toll. The man who did this to me is still at large, not because they don't know who he is, but because "He couldn't help it." He'll do it again to someone else and someone else after that. When they decide to remove someone from society the cause of the violence shouldn't matter, it's after that, after their removal, they can decide if "treatment" is possible. Don't we deserve protection from violent criminals regardless of the cause of their actions? I don't need my attacker to suffer, he can go somewhere with a nice bed and decent food. If they can't cure him they should keep him locked away; they can't protect us with him at large. They don't though; they talk to him nicely and let him go. What are we supposed to do? Live in fear? All carry guns? Hope the attacker doesn't get the first shot? All become MMA experts just in case? One day they'll be a diagnosis for every type of criminal, what then? Let them all run amok and tell the rest of us to "accommodate" them?


...Right now the "service" jobs have little meaning and the money system is rigged against you. That’s why you have so many prisons btw and such harsh laws, it isn’t logical to obey the law in a system like that unless the punishments for “cheating” are very high. A more pressurized life means more warping of natural human nature, more crime, a negative cycle of course, but in our current system both crime and punishment are “baked into the cake.”

Oh, you’re shocked? No, I’m not encouraging crime, not at all. That isn’t the way of Love, but slavery isn’t either. And, darling, you are a slave. I’m sorry, but you are. Just one without shackles. They only treat you better because you are a thinking slave, I think we talked about that before. Let’s visit my friend Carl to make the point.

Carl has been down on his luck lately. He’s a hard worker with a landscaping business, shaping trees, cutting grass and such. Anyhow, his truck is broken beyond repair and he needs a new one. Let’s follow him down to the car showroom. The salesman doesn’t look as pleased to see him as I’d expect, but then Carl doesn’t dress fancy. He’s in jeans he washes once a week and his lumberjack shirt - unfashionable I know but but he loves it. The salesman approaches, holding out his hand in appears to be a gesture of friendship, and from the smile on Carl’s face I can see he receives it that way. The salesman smiles broadly and Carl’s body language starts to relax. If these were two friends it would be a touching scene, but only one person is being genuine here and the other has been trained to alleviate as much money from Carl as possible, I’ll let you figure out which one is which...

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, April 4, 2015*.

Authored by Daisy, here.

Fantasy / Dark

Voice one: "Crime Island Two is getting overcrowded, solution required."

Voice two: "Island Two? Violent offenders against children, eh? Send in the next S.K. caught, armed with weapons of choice."

Voice one: "Sir, we have volunteers for those missions."

Voice two: "No, Simon. S.K.'s are more efficient. Let the monsters 'take care' of their own."