I have been tossed to the air as if I were I bird
Crushed with the simplicity of a word
I have been thrown into the ocean and told to swim
I have been hit with invisible forces stronger than wind
I have been put in the night sky and told to shine
I have been put in water meant to refine
But I will never give up
Through every let down and pushup
I will not back down
Through every word, stab, and frown
Because i have been made strong
Strong enough to right every wrong
Because I have been through fire
And told to respire
I have been placed in the sky
And told to fly
But I will never give up

By twilightlover77, March 1, 2018.

The worst thing you can be is a coward, to the self, to others, to Mother Earth. For the coward will sacrifice anything to save the physical self, even at the price of emotional death; they are willing to become a monster, to let the dark-self live where their true-self once did. So be determined, my love - brave, yet never fool-hardy. Stay alive, be healthy, love with all your heart, but stay on the road that is empathy and compassion, love and fraternity with a determination that will take death over failure. Have the spirit of a child, yet the nobility of a true warrior, always protective and kind.