She froze. The outrage, the entitlement, the jurisdiction in his voice frightened her. She needed to leave. Escape. Her body lurched into the darkness before twisting to lock the door behind her. The pounding of his footsteps made her feel so helpless. Her body slid to the cold planks beneath her, racked in pain. Her bruised chest and stomach blended into the dark. Tears welled in her eyes, flowing against her wishes. Holding everything in had become second nature - but too many storms can burst any dam.
Her hands clamped tightly over her quivering mouth, as fists pounded on the other side of the door. If she squeezed her eyes shut and whispered a prayer, maybe she would wake up. "Please, God, can I just wake up?"
"I know you're in there, baby. Open the door."
"Baby, please. I'm so sorry I hurt you,"
Her head perked up. He was sorry?
"but you disobeyed me and broke several of my rules. I told you never to speak in public without my permission and you did anyway, even if it was a slip-up. When that store clerked smirked at you and you smiled back, I knew there was something going on between you two behind my back so forgive me for being infuriated. Now, if you don't open this door on the count of three, I will knock it down and what happens to you after that..." He didn't dare finish the rest of that sentence. Her eyes widened and she sprung up and then darted to the window at the far side of the room.

By Percia Davis, March 13, 2018*.

I walked up to her, feeling like a wild beast pulling against its' leash, and pointed my sharpened pencil to her chin, "She's mine." I told her, watching anger drip from my words. "I was there for all her troubles. I was there when she was sad from heartbreak, angry or hurt from the insults her mother threw at her daily. I was there, by her side, helping and celebrating with her. I. Will. Not. Allow. You - a person who's only known her for three days -to take her away from me."

By espectacion, January 26, 2015.