The professor said, "At one time we could not imagine light to act as both wave and matter, nor that matter and energy were the same thing. Now we see that time is not a continuum but another energy transformation, and it is part of what brings the sense of distance and space in our reality. For now, perhaps think of time as a ball of light, a buzz of energy that we call 'the present.' As such, there really is no past or future, only 'right now.' Yet what we do with this gift of 'the now' determines the health of our planet in all the moments to come. So, there is a separation to make here. We have what time really is, a ball of energy, and our human concept of it being a continuum from past to future. What I propose is that for our purposes as scientists rather than those speaking in the everyday sense, that we use energy-time and imagined-timeline. Giving concepts new words is helpful to the human brain when building new ideas. What was once considered one thing, becomes two, and so it goes on. This is learning, this is progress."