A face will tell you infinite things before a word is spoken, one only has to realise how to listen.


To see your face is to see the lights of home.


His face to my eyes was all the beauty a man can possess, not for his features, yet for the light in his eyes and the gentle warmth of his soul.


From the faces came their true state, either as their 'good wolf' self or their 'evil wolf' self, their temporary polarity to the sunlight or the cold malice on display whether they knew it or not.


The lines on his face etched the story of a happy life. His crow's feet spoke of laughter and the deep creases in his cheeks told of a man who gave away smiles like they were wishes. Yet a more sorrowful face I had never seen. A film of water made is dark eyes glossy and his face was fallen, submissive to gravity. His silver hair, normally neatly combed, bore the tell tale signs that his mottled hands had been run through it in distress. It was the face of a man who had lost what he knew he must loose, but the knowing did not soften the desolation.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 15, 2014.

Her face wasn't anything extraordinary or significant, and yet, he felt somehow magically draw to those serious and silent features. Though she always avoided his gaze, he couldn't help but notice her clean skin and lack of makeup, along with her always messy hairstyles. Perhaps many would consider her homely, but he found her awe-striking.

By chasingtransientmemories, November 19, 2016.

Your Face

I explored the contours of your face
A work of art
Beautifully shaped
Your nose is firmly set in place
Your lips curled upwardly
I slowly traced

When you smile
The lines softened
Like light from an half open door
Your laughter bounced like waves
On the ocean shore

I saw tears streaming from your eyes
And wet your face
You’re beautiful
You should hear those words, everyday

Your eyes are like bright sunshine
Makes your face radiant
Brilliantly shine
Your face was not carved, certainly not in haste
But slow
With patience and with grace
Sculptured, it shows

Words fail me
I cannot tell how I felt
The first time ever I saw your face
It glowed
and my heart melted
But pleasantly so

Written by: Charmaine Wallace

By charmaine, November 9, 2014.