These legs keep asking me to rest, to find somewhere warm and cozy, to simply enjoy the sunshine and stay right there. This brain feels as if it's been on a treadmill and it wants so much to press stop. This body needs to feel another body, to cuddle, to feel safe, to feel the warmth of a lover. Everything about me, from the muscular aches to the emotional pull toward lethargy, this fatigue, overwhelms - yet this is a world that has no empathy for such matters. All that appears to count is how much we got paid more than the actual work done or feats achieved. If you got a lot of money clearly you worked hard, if not, no matter how much work you did, clearly you're lazy. My body, my brain, my tired tired soul, can testify that I've worked at full tilt for so very very long. The truth is, in this state, in terms of my biological capacity and energy stores, I can't afford to care about all the things I have been caring so very deeply about. It isn't kind to run a horse into the ground and it isn't kind to do it to a human either.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 5, 2020.