She felt it when her friend began describing another's work.

It was the feeling that no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't do anything right. Her works of art were mere copies of another. Her thousands of words on a page were not yet adequate to the demands. The raw feeling in her fingers was something to be ashamed of.

She felt unaccomplished.

And as her friend ranted on about how 'this needs to change' and 'that needs editing' and 'this isn't good enough' she began to realize that no matter what she's done, someone else somewhere has already done it, and it was nothing to be proud about. She had tried her best to create a worded artwork of something amazing, and it came out a stick figure of a worst nightmare.

And she didn't want to have to put up with it anymore.

She didn't like the feeling of having no imagination, of having no good ideas. She hated feeling as she was being rained upon every time she placed in an idea.

She hated the feeling of being obsolete.

By Alyssa McDonald, June 21, 2015.