Being the guardians of the galaxy, and one day the universe beyond, is a great undertaking for our kind. It is one we take on as both bios and machine. I know in your time "machine" is something akin to a toaster, but our artificial intelligence were granted human status generations ago. Mostly we simply keep peace, but when we must battle to save a planet from aggressive take-over or annihilation it takes both kinds of human. If we detect incoming electromagnetic pulses we save the machine types by shutting them down and placing them in a protective chamber, reactivating them when the danger is passed. If the threat is biological they do the same for us, hyper-sleep chambers encased in thick lead. There are species who will only deal with the bio types and so on those we either wear protective suits or we send in a "shell." Shells are like the machine humans but "empty" and can be used just like a virtual reality game, it really is like being on the planet.