Earthlings, we are the inter-dimensional agents, "angels" as you may say, who attempt to prevent you all from destroying creation and each other in your money-nexus aided greed and selfishness, all while you speak of love. We have word that you think we "hide" or fail to send in our agents frequently enough. Let us keep this short and to the point. Operations take more planning than the human brain can comprehend as they involve a great number of time loop circle logic elements that must be fool proof - or 100% guaranteed. We cannot go in unless we reach that level of certainty. Added to this we needed our next agent in you world to arrive in a girl form and for a long time there has been a zero probability of a girl form being listened to and a 100% chance of her being killed in some brutal way. We are glad to say that this probability has recently shifted in her advantage and we will consider escalating our operations intended to bring your reality into what you may call "heaven" or "utopia." Our angels operate at great risk and must endure your mortal deaths before returning home to us. So please, humans, keep your anger to yourselves. We do not hide, nor wait, nor tremble, but plan meticulously and act immediately when there is a chance of an outcome that does more good than harm when all possible outcomes are considered from that moment in time. We appreciate that your position is somewhat blind compared to ours, being tied to the Earth timeline as you are, but patience is a virtue and we do the very best we can. Just do us a favour, Earthlings, when we send agents in, protect them, be kind, love them. Our angel agents deserve at least that, right?