Secret agent nightmares are the worst, this was last night...

"The nightmare is more of a night terror, because it feels as if I might die from the pain in my brain, I am desperately trying to wake up, screaming for help, yet nobody comes. A leave my bedroom on hands and knees, clawing my way to the stairs. Soon, I have a feeling that someone is in my house, that they have given some sort of drug and everything I see isn't real. So I ask myself if my house looks right, are there any clues to say that I'm not standing in my living room with a strange man on the couch. And there in the corner of the room is a Christmas tree, bare of any ornaments. Christmas was sometime ago and there is no tree in my house. So either I am in a nightmare or this is another interrogation. They ask how I know what I know; I tell them it is all obvious, I'm clever, that's all. Soon the scene changes, and there are several of them now, only we are in a cafe and they are attempting to create a friendly dream. Perhaps they too were scared I would die. We are in a cafe, and the man wears a smile that isn't a smile. So I say I will speak with him if we move to another table away from the others. We do. At the table are toys for children, things I can touch that will calm my brain. I can only tell him again that I figure things out naturally, that it's easy for me. Then I awake in my bed, my brain feeling shot through and coughing from the tail end of a cold. It was the most intense nightmare and I was never more glad to see the light of day."

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 17, 2019.