The angel council met to approve the strategy. The species would be saved by neuro-linguistic reprogramming. Once that was done their basic biology, their hormones and brain structure, would keep them on the right path and save them and their planet. All they had to do was select the angel warriors for the mission, always their best.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 13, 2019.

In my dreamlike state, a line of Angels appeared out of the darkness. They introduced themselves to be the Angel council, one of the other Angels that stood guard over the big guy in the sky. They told me about the future, but what I really cared about was more important than that. Way more important.

By aria, January 2, 2015.

The council spoke of harmony and love. They spoke of peace and simple joys. They spoke of ways to live without greed, corruption and misery for the majority. It was their mission to bring earth into alignment with His ways so that Heaven Time could begin. It would not be normal life one day and heavenly the next, but instead a gradual transition of improvements to a utopia that was both high tech and natural with humanity united as one species under the stars.


The mood suddenly shifted to a darker one, drawing out such powerful tastes of malicious intent that I was left bitter and dry of all emotions. "You know nothing of death so speak not child", a deep voice rumbled out from the far end of the table. "If you must blame do so to life who is cruel and vile-"

"Cruel? Vile? How can you be so blind?" I cry out, my voice failing as I struggle to accept what I am being told. "Death is and always has been-"

"Pure", He answers me. "Deep, long lasting and unperturbed by the many ripples in the river of time. Like white" he says, his fingers absentmindedly stroking a wing that radiates a blinding dazzle.

I scoff at this. "Do you mean to say that death is light as you associate it with a shade that represents so?"

"Completion is what I meant, dear. And to answer your question- no, not at all. There is none more blacker than death himself although that does not necessarily mean that he is in itself a true reincarnation of evil." Giving me a hint of a smile he finishes, "After all you must pass through the darkness to be able to appreciate the light more."

By rosa2damaskina, February 21, 2016*.