Eyes of grace, heart as pure as the stars,
One comes to save us from our sinful hearts.
Spirit of patience, arms of love,
One as bright as heaven above.
The orphans rejoice and the widows dance,
For the one who has broken them from their trance.
The mountains trembled and the rocks praised,
The one who died and was raised.

In its once victorious voice Evil cried,
“Let him be crucified!”
But little did evil realize that it was working its enemy’s plan,
By killing the only perfect man.
Light and dark clashed when he was murdered,
A Curtin ripped and the earth shuddered.
For on that day, one man took all our sin and all our loss,
Upon himself as he hung on the cross.

By twilightlover77, February 23, 2017.

Hailey nodded, “I’m still sad; I don’t know if that will ever change, but I know now that for every storm there is always an eye. Always a safe place in the midst of destruction. Jesus will always be my eye when storms of sorrow come; and I know that never once will he leave me on my own.” As Hailey’s passionate words faded into the breathtaking sunset, Asher took her hand in his and they started down the bluff together, their shadows leading the way.

By twilightlover77, March 6, 2017.

You know sometimes I feel like my life spins around me, with all my thoughts and memories, hurts and fears, feelings and tears caught up in one big whirlwind; and I am in the middle with one hand barely peeking above the fray. Some days that one hand reaching to heaven is all I have. But I know that a good God holds me up. He holds my hand so that no matter how far I sink, I never drown.

By twilightlover77, November 11, 2017.