Saviour - "I save our" - the one who saves "us." I am the light of the creator, the "sun" of a living God, a door to and from the dimension of the immortals, an "angel" or"goddess" depending on the term you prefer. When they call this a messiah complex, they aren't kidding, this era is the messiest and most complex pile of emotions, accusations and counter-accusations anyone could ever imagine, let alone be asked to solve. You are all being led by Satan's noose, but it is yourselves that hold the ropes, not he. I can deliver you from this evil, but that takes total trust and love. I am the army of one, but I'm quite happy to get on with a quiet life and never bother anyone. I can be a simple normal person and you can get on being led by war mongering simpletons until the world is a living hell for those unfortunate enough to survive deeper into the apocalypse. It's up to you all. It always was. Invite me or don't. I'll be right here... until I'm not.