Lady MacBeth is the warped tour of feminism. She takes the notion of nurture, of nursing a baby, and turns it into the notion of poison, to poison society. This is evil, bold and plain. She is spoken of as masculine, that she should only bring men-children, yet this suggests that men are evil instead of naturally nurturing and kind as God intended. Shakespeare over and over shows his misunderstandings of women (that women can be strong, independent and good), of men (that men can be strong, independent and good) and the nature of good vs evil (that this battle should never be conflated with either gender or dominance issues).


Lady MacBeth calls upon the demon spirits to sever her consciousness from her heart, to stop the natural processes of guilt and shame, to lock her deeds into a false heart away from the real heart that communes with the divine God of heaven.


"When we read the lines of Lady MacBeth, we see how she appeals to the demons of Satan to help her remove positive emotions, to enable a fake heart to keep secrets from her real heart, for the heart, the channel of positive emotions is open to the divine creator, God. This is the essence of negative witchcraft. And so, in an age where folks have lost their belief in witches, in the direct prayers we utter without thought that have real effects in the world, the need for the return of the angel witches has never been more acute. Let us review some everyday prayers that go straight to the demons if the emotions behind them are emotionally indifferent or cruel. You can tell much about where the prayer goes from the tone of voice, for the tone of voice is both 'dialling tone' and 'phone number' when it comes to such wishes. Thus, the intention here determines who answers the call - or to whom your prayer goes to. The god of creation has angels and they are all about love and health. The devil has demons and they are all about suffering, revenge and power. Okay, here are the first few...

'God damn it,' is not a God's prayer but one asking for retribution or revenge. It is a cuss. And so the angel witch works to replace it in society with something that calls to the angels, to God, in the right way. It could be something such as, 'Heaven help me.'

'For fucks sake,' is a statement of anger that carries a mixed message. It brings a a sense of frustration that things are more about "fucking" than "loving," yet the language is crude. "For goodness sake," is a better spell because in the moment of anger you are appealing to goodness and thus to the angels.

'Holy shit,' is not that bad either, but it equates holy with shit and thus should be avoided. A better spell is 'holy heaven united.' This altered phrase calls upon unity of the holy, a call to bring love, health and the goodness heaven leads us toward.

So, think about what you say because your prayers are answered...